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Fishtank Ensemble is a musical Molotov cocktail, blending a wide range of styles: Turkish, Romanian, Gypsy, French hot jazz, Balkan, Greek, and more. From California, they bring their unique high-energy and virtuosic stage show to places all around the world.

fishtank ensemble

After nearly a decade of musical travels that have created a lifetime of experiences and a worldwide family, Fishtank Ensemble offers up Edge of the World as dedication to this community of musicians and friends. Taking you from the Baroque era to 1920′s Greece, from 30′s Paris and back to 1980′s Los Angeles, Edge of the World blends this music together into one stunning tribute that comes directly from the heart.

Edge of the World

by Fishtank Ensemble



CD: $14.99 MP3: $9.99

Woman in Sin

by Fishtank Ensemble

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CD: $16.99 MP3: $9.99

The third album from Fishtank Ensemble, Woman in Sin, finds the band writing and performing at their peak. Transylvanian Gypsy Anthems, 1920’s swing, Romanian Folk medleys, Rhythm and Blues Classics, Bulgarian Odd Time Signatures, Flamenco Rumbas, Swing Jazz, Serbian party tunes, Secret Manouche music and original songs are seamlessly blended together in this quintessential offering from the leading American Gypsy Band.

Fishtank Ensemble comes armed, loaded and ready to serve you up a platter of intense, nearly cosmic gypsy music. Their latest CD release, Samurai Over Serbia, samples the global plain that is the group’s playing field. Like the gypsies, it crosses borders, villages, continents, and time periods showcasing the varied instrumental prowess of each member and the extreme range of vocalist Ursula Knudson.

Samurai Over Serbia

by Fishtank Ensemble

samurai over serbia

CD: $12.99 MP3: $9.99

Super Raoul

by Fishtank Ensemble

super raoul


MP3s: $9.99

Gypsy flamenco frenzy! A blend of up-tempo traditional and original music — Romanian, Roma, klezmer, flamenco and Japanese — with a contemporary twist. From the smokey cafes of Bucharest to the Gypsy caravans of yesterday, this CD evokes the spirit of a past age and the sounds of tomorrow. 7-piece orchestra with vocals, 2 violins, saw, accordion, shamisen, flamenco guitar, double base and percussion. A unique musical experience–and a rollicking good time!