Boom Clique

The Boom Clique is a project born out of the idea to blend the raw urgency of Hip Hop, with the artistic sophistication of highly trained musicians. . . . creating an amalgam of styles and genres that’s completely at home in our multicultural, hyper-creative world. The result can be heard on the self-titled debut mixtape out in the summer of 2013.

A chance meeting in St Louis in summer 2010, led writer, guitarist and producer Douje to meet rapper and MC SBZ at a party after a Fishtank Ensemble show. SBZ could rap over style or groove Douje threw at him, including odd time signatures . . . something you never hear in Hip Hop.  They played for hours that night with Douje recording the improvisations on his phone. The next day, the band continued on with its tour . . . but . . .

Listening back to the recordings I made that night, I could actually feel my blood start to race with excitement at the revelation of this new music.  Right away I knew I had to do whatever it would take, to make this project a reality. And that’s why you’re reading this and hopefully enjoying the music right now.        –  Douje

CD: $12.99 MP3: $9.99