Woman in Sin          by Fishtank Ensemble

This nouveau retro original gypsy swing tune from Fishtank Ensemble perfectly captures the sound, attitude and style of what we like to call ‘New American Gypsy Music’.  Seeking to marry the classic sound of swing music with the risque attitude of modern dance music, Fishtank Ensemble continually test the bounds of musical style and performance.

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The Music Industry has undergone tumultuous changes in the last 20 years that represent a paradigm shift in how people make, consume and interact with music. In chaos and upheaval there is great opportunity. Considering that the album format is all but dead except for the biggest artists, we will focus on releasing one awesome song at a time starting in 2016.

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Douje has been writing and performing music for over 25 years now. He specializes in Spanish Guitar and other world music styles, fusing them into bold new styles unlike anything you’ve heard.

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Boom Clique

Sounding classic and modern at the same time, the Boom Clique is a project born out of the idea to blend the raw urgency of Hip Hop, with the artistic sophistication of highly trained musicians.

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The Velvet Knights

The Velvet Knights are a mysterious group of musicians who compose smooth, catchy music without boundaries or genre limitations. COMING SOON

The Purple Plume

The Purple Plume is a mythical reclusive bird who inspires unrelenting funky riffs from his loyal devotees. The Plume has patiently waited a long time to bring his unique country, porno, funk into the world on a mission to even the karmic scoreboard. Bigs things coming in 2016.

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The Honey Beatz Store is the only place to find much of the one of a kind music that lives on in the Honey Beatz catalog. When you purchase directly from us, you are supporting the artists directly, and therefore allowing the creative process to continue.


Find out about and hear all of the Honey Beatz artists from our Current artists, to our Legacy and Related artists. We hand select every release for exceptional talent, writing and production. So search around a bit. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Our core strategy is to release and promote one single, about every month. We will be putting all our effort into blowing your mind for 3-4 minutes at a time. Of course we represent lots of great records too for those of you with a deeper appreciation of musical artistry.

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Honey Beatz Music

We are a label by musicians, for musicians focused on releasing one great song a time starting in 2016.

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